SARKAS: Python MD code for plasma physics#


Python MD code for plasma physics


User Friendly

Run interactively in Jupyter notebook or via script. Set-up a simulation with only 3 lines of code. Run your simulation with 3 more lines. Calculate physics observables with final 3 lines.

Fast Pure Python

Sarkas offers the ease of use of Python while being highly performant with execution speeds comparable to that of compiled languages.

Plasma Potentials

Sarkas offers a variety of interaction potentials commonly used in plasma physics. It is the only MD code to support electrons as dynamical particles.

Data Science

Sarkas has been developed for data science. You can run multiple simulations and store data with a simple for loop.


Building upon a set of well-tested primitives and on a solid infrastructure, researchers can get publication-grade results in less time.

Highly Customizable

Sarkas is built in a modular fashion to allow easy implementation of additional features.

Collaborative Effort

Sarkas wants to be a common platform for the development of new algorithms to study the most challenging open problems in plasma physics.

Open Source

Sarkas is released under the MIT License and maintained by the community on GitHub.


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